Drawn to Stone: Pete Graham Artist & Sculptor book


Pete Graham: Artist and Sculptor

232 pages - 24x28cm - soft cover - full colour

Book sales are live here until 30th November 2023, after which copies will be printed and sent out by post. I am selling copies in advance to raise funds for the printing, so the book won't be available before December 2023.

See example pages from the book (click to enlarge):

It’s taken a long time to produce this book and I am very happy to finally put it out there so everyone who knew Pete can see his work brought together. My initial idea was to print existing images of Pete’s work in a simple photo book. But, through discussion with friends and amazing input from the designer David Hillman, it has developed into a beautifully designed 230-page art book with hundreds of new photos.

The book is a survey of Pete’s work from his student days until the end of his life, accompanied with text I have written to outline his biography, adding personal reflections on his life and art. Contributions from friends and colleagues give other perspectives, always with a focus on the work, as Pete would have wanted. The early chapters are structured around the places that influenced Pete’s work (the North East, the Lake District, Scotland, London, Cornwall) with the latter part of the book looking in detail at the techniques, materials and subjects he explored in his stone carvings.

The images are a combination of professional photos I commissioned of Pete’s sketches, paintings, etchings and sculptures, alongside his own photos of sculptures that were sold during his lifetime. The prints for sale on this website give a preview of the two-dimensional work in the book, much of which is from Pete’s sketchbooks and which he never exhibited or offered for sale.  

I started making this book during lockdown and it has of course been one of the ways I have navigated grief and the slow process of piecing together a new path through life for myself. I hope that you will find it a companion to your memories of Pete and most importantly a celebration of him.

Celia Robbins, October 2023

Price: £30.00


"I just wanted to say that the sculpture is perfect and we absolutely love it. It catches the light in so many different ways and looks amazing"

- Rosalie