Traditional stuff

13th September 2018

I have always enjoyed walking around cities and towns, looking up at the often excellent standard of carving and lettering found on our older buildings. It disappoints me at how little this is appreciated, or often even noticed. Even more so nowadays, with people so often glued to their devices. It becomes even more impressive when you are asked to reproduce something on similar lines and add to this heritage of traditional stonework.

'Night Sky, Clouds across the Moon'

22nd June 2018

There is nothing like an exhibition deadline to focus the mind and get those pieces finished. This is one of a number of new pieces for an exhibition at Whitewater Gallery in Polzeath in July and August. This will feature paintings by Suki Wapshott, porcelain by Hugh West and a selection of my recent sculpture.  Expect abstracts, animals, bees and flowers, all created from and celebrating the rich geology of the British Isles

Catching Butterflies

25th January 2018

Stone is such heavy inanimate stuff that it might not seem a suitable material for such an ephemeral subject as a Red Admiral butterfly, but with stone carving, it is all about the material.

Wondering what you can achieve on a short course as a novice carver?

12th December 2017

Well, two students showed just how much can be done in four days at our last weekend course in August. Paul and Michael spent four days carving over the bank holiday weekend and each created really impressive three dimensional carvings. Key to their success was having a clear idea about what they wanted to make – which helped them to get off to a good start, and gave them a clear picture of what they were aiming for.

Cold blooded and spineless

8th August 2015

In July Pete completed a series of four insect relief carvings which were installed along the Pennine way around Low Force waterfall in Teesdale. They are  carved out of the local black Weardale limestone, a very hard stone which polishes to a deep black and gives excellent variation in colour.


"I just wanted to say that the sculpture is perfect and we absolutely love it. It catches the light in so many different ways and looks amazing"

- Rosalie