Autumn Carvers

We had a lovely carving course in October with mother and daughter team Anna and Biddy, two husband and wife teams, Paul & Jo and Sarah and Mike as well as Chris, who made a striking mask relief. We were also visited by Conchita, who is now a regular; having completed two smaller pieces, Conchita is now working on a large 3-d sculpture for a very special occasion (details not to be divulged). She is doing some work on the piece at home and pops back every couple of months to get some help with the next technical challenge.

Pete ran two courses in November, first of all a weekend at the Mushroom Works up in Newcastle. A northern regular, Ian, attended this weekend and showed us a beautiful gilded slate lettering piece which he had completed at home – it’s really wonderful that Ian is now developing very accomplished skills and producing great work independently. Someone we met for the first time was Keywan, who made a relief carving reflecting his Persian background, he really enjoyed his two days and we hope he will become a regular too.

Back at base in Cornwall, we had a busy late November carving weekend, with Barry returning to complete his bittern relief carving and Conchita putting in another day. Artist Janet inspired us with tales of her art projects and her current interest in soil, which is reflected in her lettering. Local lad Tony made a great start on a bird bath for his garden and Veronica completed a lovely lettering piece with the Maori words ‘Te Ara’, meaning the journey, accompanied by ferns.

Have a look at the students’ gallery to see some of the work from our October and November courses.

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"I just wanted to say that the sculpture is perfect and we absolutely love it. It catches the light in so many different ways and looks amazing"

- Rosalie