Galleries: Relief carvings

I love the graphic possibilities relief carving gives, it really is like drawing in stone but with an extra dimension to play with. They all begin as drawings and the drawing elements of line, tone, contrast and texture are all here but the impression of depth is actual as well as illusory which gives added animation.

Scientific illustrations, such as Robert Hooke's  'Micrographia'  are a big influence, published in 1665 and still some of the best science illustrations to be found anywhere. Featured here, among others are insects installed along the Pennine way near Low Force waterfall in Teesdale. Also a number of carvings to be found at the National trust's Calke Abbey Limeyard trail.


"I just wanted to say that the sculpture is perfect and we absolutely love it. It catches the light in so many different ways and looks amazing"

- Rosalie